The Difference Between Transparent Lace with Regular Lace?

As we know, human hair wigs are very popular for women, although the medium brown lace wig is earlier than the transparent lace wig in the history. However, since HD lace wig forehead hair entered the wig market, it quickly became more fashionable.
Now Black women’s lace wigs have become a necessity good in their life. Whether it is a transparent lace wig or medium brown lace wig, they can be easy to change your look within just a few minutes. So, when choosing transparent lace or ordinary Swiss lace, most customers are so skeptical that they even don’t know the difference between them. And they want to know compare with medium lace wigs, does transparent lace looks better, if it is more afforded to buy, read this article, you will get the answers of the question.
What is Swiss lace?
Swiss lace is used in many high-end lace products. From the closure to the frontal, lace frontal wig to full lace wig. Everything is available. Swiss lace is a high-quality, functionalism and durable fabric, a high-quality wig cloth outward from Germany. The color of the material is light beige and can be colored to suit various skin tones. Swiss lace is thinner than other lace foundations, making it harder to find, it has larger holes. Swiss lace is an excellent choice for wearers of active lace wigs, as long as you treat the wig carefully, it can be used for a long daily wear.
Let us see the difference between transparent lace and regular Lace.
1.Lace color
The clearest difference between the two types of lace is the color of the lace. As the name suggests, the lace color of the transparent lace wig is transparent, for the woman who has light tone it is more natural and invisible. The lace color of the medium brown lace front wig is medium brown, it is more fit black woman. How to choose the lace color, if you want to let your scalp to look milky, please choose transparent lace. If you like it to be medium brown color, thus you can choose brown lace colors.
The price of transparent lace wig is more expensive than regular Swiss lace wig. However, Swiss lace is more suitable with most people, it can meet most needs. Transparent lace looks harder to find just like a real scalp. It can also reduce clear knots.
Natural appearance
Swiss lace is used for the expansion of transparent lace. It is very thin and airy. In addition, it can make you looks more like a real scurf on the skin, so it looks like your scalp and difficult to be found.
After understanding the difference between them, you can base on your suitable to choose one according to your hair needs and cost. Regardless of your hair condition and needs, a transparent lace frontal wig and medium brown lace wig can make you look more natural and beautiful. Therefore, it depends on your thoughts, then it will be the best wig for you.

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